Raavi TMT has set up facilities to manufacture TMT bars and Structurals which puts forth the concept of forward integration in the company to give highest value addition. With an assured supply of raw material and power and with concept of backward & forward integration, the steel plant of yesterday has emerged as a fully integrated steel plant today.

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are high-strength reinforcement bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core.

Using "No Twist Block Technology" to make the product stable, uniform and free from any type of scale. Making the company self reliant in power for the integreated steel plant & future expansion projects.

We have always emphasized on backward integration to ensure uninterrupted supply of quality raw materials. Today, the company operates a captive power generation plant.

The company will establish itself as a preferred supplier by offering quality products to its customers. The company will strive to become one of the most cost competitive steel.


• TMT BARS / De- formed Bars (Grade Fe-415/ 500/ 550 & Fe-415D, Fe500D): 8 mm - 32 mm dia.
• TMT / De- formed Bars Corrosion Resistance Bars (Grade Fe-415/ 500/ 550 & Fe-415D, Fe500D): 8 mm - 32 mm dia.



RAAVI TMT Bars are available in Fe: 415 /500 /550/ 600 & Fe-415D, Fe500D grade which are much stronger than yesteryears' conventional Bars and give upto 20% stronger concrete structure with same quantity of steel.


More strength with higher elongation is one of the unique features of RAAVI TMT Bars. It makes a concrete structure not only sound but safe also from earthquake related natural calamities.

Bend Properties

Due to unique feature of greater elasticity in RAAVI TMT Bars, it provides a very good bending/ re-bending option during application in construction.

Corrosion Resistant

RAAVI TMT Bars provides very good corrosion resistance due to it’s controlled chemistry of raw material inputs, which provides a longer life concrete structure.

Fatigue Resistant

The unique feature of RAAVI TMT Bar is its high Fatigue Resistance on dynamic loading on account of the high strength of the surface layer.


RAAVI TMT Bars with low carbon equivalent content can be used for butt/ lap and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the weld joints.


RAAVI TMT Bars are backed by latest on Tempcore Technology, which makes it highly superior product in construction industry.